Web Design Critique: They Draw And Travel

Theydrawandtravel.com is a website that is dedicated in showcasing illustrated maps from all over the globe. The artists are free to contribute their work on the website’s database. The website is considered to have the largest collection of illustrated maps on the internet. The founders of the website are Salli S. Swindell and Nate Padavick who are siblings. They are a team when it comes to design and illustration thus known as Studio SSS.

Upon visiting the website’s Search page, theydrawandtravel.com, one will be faced with the page asking “Where do you want to go?” There is a dropdown menu to choose the Regions where you want to see the illustrated maps including East and West Europe, North, Central and South America, East, Southeast and South Asia, Middle East, Australia or South Pacific, Caribbean, Antarctica, Africa and even Fantasy land.

There are also options for the “vibes” of the illustrated map you want such as artsy, adventurous, touristy, beachy, outdoorsy, historic, small town, eating and drinking, shopping, relaxing, festive, sweet, too fun and conceptual. Illustration style includes fresh and hip, fun and funky, sweet and cute and traditional and classic. If you know of any artist then you can type in the name as well and other keywords that you are looking for in an illustrated map.

Once you click Find It!, you will be shown below the list of illustrated maps that match your preference. You can also explore the website with the navigation bar located at the upper left which consists of the following pages – Home, Find A Map, Submit a Map, Mapmakers for Hire, Map, Shop, Collaborate, About and My Faves.

Overall, the website has a very minimalistic style considering that the page will mostly showcase fun and colorful artworks and map illustrations. The color palette used is very cool to the eye and the details are not overwhelming. The navigation menu makes the site very user-friendly and easy to navigate with. There fonts used are fun and simple which makes it easy to read and browse around. The loading time of each page is also very fast despite the fact that it contains a lot of images and illustrated maps.

Web Design Critique: Vimi’s Mobile Application Development Page

Today, we are going to look into the website design of Vimi particularly their mobile app development Singapore page.

Brief background about Vimi

Their head office is in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was incorporated in 2010. They outsource most of their work to their trusted partners to reduce costs while focusing on quality.

They design, develop and produce:

• Brand, corporate and e-commerce websites
• Native iOS and Android apps
• Blogging and newsletter services

Webpage content

For me, the content is the best feature in any website or webpage. This is where users and prospective clients look for information regarding a site’s product or service. When information shown on a site is irrelevant or lacking, it defeats the purpose of creating a site in the first place.

In www.vimi.co/ios-android-app-development-singapore/ specifically, I like that they included content regarding why a user needs to choose apps, how the apps are to be built and the reason for hiring them for their services and expertise.

With focus on how apps are to be built, I like how they outlined the application process from their methodology as this is very helpful for clients who are not too technical and knowledgeable about the development processes.

The “Get your Instant App Quote”

This deserves its section in this review. This is probably the highlight of this whole page.

The form is very detailed. The sections in the form lists all the possible inclusions for any app.

A client can fill up the contact details section for an immediate pricing. Then, he go through the form’s sections to check on preferences and inclusions like page templates, notifications, search, social integration and so much more.

The form is just so thorough. It also has a link for questions and the company’s privacy policy.

Webpage design

Overall, the design is simple and very easy to navigate. It is even made better with the quick links to sections as seen in dots by the right side of the page.


The webpage pretty much has everything a user needs to know including a really great form to get an instant quote. This mobile app development Singapore page definitely functions for its purpose.

Web Design Critique: Perth Web Design

Today, we are going to check the site, web design in Perth. They are a digital agency. Some of their services include web site designing, solutions for online marketing and search engine optimization.

Let us start with the homepage.

The black background works well with the white, gray and blue fonts.

I love how the logo is simple enough and an abbreviation of their company name.

Another point I want to mention is the contact number they put in the upper left for emphasis. This is a great idea! When this is clicked, it allows us to call their office right away.

The navigation bar stays on top of the page regardless if we are scrolling down the page. The navigation links are also self-explanatory and clear.

Under the navigation bar, the animated image of the skyline complements with the static text of WE LOVE and the dynamic texts of WEB DESIGN, GOOGLE, E-COMMERCE and OUR CLIENTS. This shows their commitment in their field and how they value the services they provide to their clients.

Scrolling down the home page, we can see in the Services section how intelligently put the icons are relating to the services they offer. Looking right away at the icons, we can easily understand them without having to read the short descriptions below which are still very helpful.

Website Critique: Paper Mart Boxes and Cartons


Upon entering the webpage for the boxes and cartons offered by the online store, the first thing that had caught my attention was the large heading image located on the upper center of the webpage. The image contains all the products offered by the company from that category and showcasing them as a whole in an attractive and engaging way. What the website designers did with the image and its placement can be considered great as a persuasion and engagement tactic. It is also helpful in a way that viewers and visitors would be able to easily identify the product they are looking for by using the image.

The colors used in the webpage are the same ones used in the entirety of the website and simply put; they are ‘okay’ in terms of color choices. They complement one another and the background gives the look of a carton which is one of the products offered by the website. However, they could have used better color choices.


The navigation aspect of the webpage, and the entire website, is very complex which is quite understandable since the website does offer a multitude of packaging products. The navigation panel below the logo consists of thirteen navigation buttons, most of which pertains to the products offered by the company categorized by their types. All of the buttons expand into other navigation options related to that category. There is also another navigation panel vertically placed on the center left corner of the website which features the same expandable buttons as the one below the logo. Honestly, I feel as if there is actually no use for the second navigation panel as the first one had already proven effective in its role.


There is not much of a design aspect on the webpage but nonetheless, it had proven useful in showcasing the products that the company is offering. All of the products are placed grid-style on the webpage just below the heading image, each having their own image to illustrate how the products look. On the bottommost part of the webpage, you will find a section where you can sign up for their newsletters and on its left side, you’ll also find a series of certified logos and navigation buttons that would lead to pages describing the company itself.


While the webpage of the boxes and cartons offered by Paper Mart lacks in design and in color, it had presented itself in a very professional way and that alone could serve as a basis and catalyst for sale.

Website Critique: Ribbons


Upon entering the site, the first thing that I had noticed is the large image slideshow or carousel. Personally, I think that carousels have outlived their usefulness. In the beginning, they might have been able to play well with website visitors, but now, I think that they don’t really serve much of a purpose other than filling a homepage. But in the case with the carousel placed in this website, I could make an exception. Unlike most carousels you would see in a lot of websites, the carousel here is different because it has not only made use of engaging images but had also placed highly informative description regarding the services and product offered by the website. It goes well with convincing potential customers while also providing visual attraction to the site.

In terms of the color choices, I could see a room for improvement. I didn’t particularly like the mold-green they used as a background but they can still remedy that with a few quick changes.

I couldn’t exactly feel a professional vibe from the site however I don’t think there is a need for that since the site is all about ribbons, and other decorative materials. The fun is definitely there.


The navigation aspect of the site is relatively simple. It mainly revolves around six navigation buttons that would include a homepage, an about page, a shopping page, a gallery and a tutorials page.

Layout & Design:

The layout follows those of other similar websites. What I liked about the website is its use of a professional logo. Logos are good for branding and marketing that is why every business website should have one. I also liked how they had placed the social media icons at a prominent place at the topmost area of the website. Social media has become a powerful driving force in the world of business making it necessary to integrate social media to every business website.

There are only about three sections of the website: the topmost section containing the logo, the social media icon and the carousel, and a bottom section consisting of two separate areas.


The website, Ribbons.com, has shown simplicity in its design which is good for user experience, however, it lacks key design elements such as color, typography and engaging content which can be remedied in an effective redesign.

Web Design Critique: Juice Beauty

First impression

Web design has not tried to fill up the page with an abundance of content. The site is simple and attractive and used white space generously that is why the images of the products standout. In many instances, web pages are full of clutter or information overload that is why some users abandon the site. Web design has created something readable in an instant and it is hard to imagine how a visitor will not know what it is all about. A glance at the website delivers the message that it is about beauty products.


The objective of the web design can be determined immediately. Yellow and white seems to work well together to create an ambiance of simplicity and efficiency. The images that have been used fit the target audience. Content is relevant and informative. It explains well why juice is a powerful skin care formula with organic ingredients. Makeup is categorized according to skin concerns which make it very easy for the user to find the product being sought for. It is important for content to be maintained well and keep updated so that customers will always have new information to look forward to.


Navigation bar is consistent and can be found in similar locations on the web pages. Even if the navigation bar was not created using contrasting colors, it is quite obvious and easy to see on the white background. By clicking skin care, a box of additional information is activated and will not be overlooked by a causal user. Another navigation bar is located at the lower end of the landing page and includes significant information that a user may be interested in like the about us page, contact information and FAQ.

Besides having a consistent feel, colors are also consistent throughout the pages. A user can completely understand all the information that has been provided and allow them to choose the products according to their present situation. If you require a website that looks good and at the same get your business in front of your target audience, visit www.perth-web-design.com.au.

Website Critique: Bee Academic Tutoring

First Impression
When I had first entered the Bee Academic Tutoring website, the first thing that I had noticed is how well organized it is. There isn’t an immediate barrage of content; instead, the website had made good use of expandable content and hyperlinks which in my opinion, is a good way to save on space and make a website less frustrating.

I have nothing ill to say against the logo of the company operating the website. It is prominently placed in the topmost portion of the page and is large enough to catch the attention of visitors. But the thing that had really caught my eye upon entering was the carousel or the image slideshow which had occupied a large portion of the upper part of the page. Truthfully, I do not see a need to place slideshows of plain images but since there is a call-to-action next to it, I can say that it helps convince the visitors to sign up and continue.

The navigation is very simple and mostly favorable to user experience. There are no complexities. There are only 4 buttons in the navigation panel: home, contact, tutoring services and the subjects they are offering.

Layout & Design
I can say that the overall design is fairly good. The designers had mostly stayed loyal to simplicity. It is not too grand, not overly designed although I do have a problem with the color choices, or the lack thereof. I feel as if they should have added a little more color. White is good but sometimes, the lack of color can turn a website dull and unappealing.

The contents and how they are laid out into the website are also simplistic. They have made exceptional use of expandable content which is a good way to save on space and length. It can be tiring if a page drags on, that is why I believe they made a great choice. I also like how the designers have placed the social media icons at the bottommost part of the page.

Overall, the web design is good but maybe they should try to add a little more color.