What To Expect From A Criminal Charge

As much as possible, you would avoid a criminal charge. However, if you are put in a situation where a criminal charge was lodged against you, it would be best to have an idea how the process will go through. If you are not yet ready to hire a lawyer, you can just click here for information on what you can expect from the process.

  • The first thing to take place is an arrest and this will be followed by the police writing a report about it. The prosecutor will read the police report and will decide as to whether or not there is a reason for the interested party or the state to file for a criminal charge. The prosecutor can also go to the jury to consult them on the right criminal charge to be filed against the person. This process is called an indictment.
  • If there is enough evidence to warrant trial, the prosecutor must file for criminal charges within three days or two days in some jurisdictions.
  • After this process, an arrest will be made. To know what you should do in case of an arrest, click here for you to be legally assisted. Before a criminal charge is filed, the police create an arrest report with the details of the arrest and forward it to the prosecutor.
  • When the report is forward to the prosecutor, it is at this level where the prosecutor has to decide to file a complaint with the trial court and pursue with the charges, go to the grand jury for them to decide what criminal charges to file or endorse not to pursue the matter.
  • If a trial is pursued, preliminary hearing will commence wherein the prosecutor presents substantial reasons to convict the suspect. If the case prospers based on a grand jury indictment, no preliminary hearing is required and a full trial will commence.

To know more about legal proceedings following a criminal charge, click here or if you need legal assistance if a criminal complaint is charged against you. Only consult a reputable law firm to assist you in the process.

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