What To Do When You Are Wrongly Accused Of A Crime

There are many instances where innocents are wrongly accused of committing a crime. Regardless of the reasons behind the charges, the accused must hire a criminal defence lawyer to avoid conviction. Experienced lawyers can work for the case to be dismissed to save the accused from the time and costs of going to trial.

The prosecutor usually decides on a case based on the available police report of the incident in question. Average police report particularly the preliminary report are limited in the information they convey. There are police reports where the facts gathered are wrong because of the lies of witnesses or bias on the part of the police.

Police reports might misrepresent the exact words between the parties involved in an argument that led to a physical fight. In some cases, the police report is entirely wrong. For example, the aggressor in an incident claims that it was the defendant who made the first attack even if the defendant acted in self-defence. There are also alleged victims who exaggerate or lie about their injuries.

If the charges are absurd, the defendant has the option to go to trial and hope for an acquittal. However, a criminal defence lawyer will usually advise against going to trial because it is expensive and stressful.

Another reason why an innocent defendant has a hire a lawyer the soonest possible time is for pre-trial communication. In the presence of facts, lawyers can try to intervene before the prosecutor files charges. The criminal defence lawyer can contact the arresting or investigating officer before the case goes to the prosecutor or he can get in touch in the prosecutor himself before a filing decision is made. In less serious cases, the lawyer can explain the incident and hope that the case never reaches the courtroom.

Individuals who are wrongly accused of a crime must call Donich Law immediately and not wait for charges to be filed. A criminal defence lawyer can persuade the prosecution to dismiss the charges based on the evidences gathered and facts gathered from the investigation. It is also very likely that there is insufficient evidence that will convict the defendant.

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