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Website Critique:https://www.systemscommercial.com/office-furniture-products/

First impression

The website is offering office furniture in New Zealand that ranges from office seating, desk and workstations, storage solutions, partitions and many more. Website design is simple without unnecessary clutter so that it manages to create an impression within seconds through the information provided. The generous use of white space makes it easy and convenient for the user to examine content. Content is very crucial but if there is a plethora of text and information, it leaves the user confused and overwhelmed. The website successfully provides the user with an overview of what it offers and what their furniture aims to accomplish.


One of the important elements that the web designer used in the creation of the website is generous white space. White space is the portion of a web page that is unmarked by texts, graphics, images and information. The slideshow at the top of the page effectively catches the attention of users and arouses their curiosity to continue scrolling down the page. The slider effectively allows the page to showcase its creative content. All the crucial information is placed in the interactive slideshow to make the page visually appealing.

Because of the white space in between blocks of texts, it is easier for the user to read and understand the information provided. Visitors to the site are usually in a hurry to browse through the homepage but since the white space minimizes distractions, the user gains a better experience.


Navigation is simple, clear with all the necessary texts that enhance the website’s usability. With fewer choices in the navigation bar, the user is not overwhelmed. The main navigation bar only contains 8 items which is just enough for a user who wants to search for more information about office furniture. The navigation format is consistent in all the web pages so that delving within the site is fairly simple and efficient. If you click on an item on the navigation menu it reveals the sub-sections that were consistently designed to be easy on the eyes. Because of simple and consistent navigation, users who are searching for office furniture in New Zealand can easily find the products that meet their requirements.

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