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Website Critique: Ribbons


Upon entering the site, the first thing that I had noticed is the large image slideshow or carousel. Personally, I think that carousels have outlived their usefulness. In the beginning, they might have been able to play well with website visitors, but now, I think that they don’t really serve much of a purpose other than filling a homepage. But in the case with the carousel placed in this website, I could make an exception. Unlike most carousels you would see in a lot of websites, the carousel here is different because it has not only made use of engaging images but had also placed highly informative description regarding the services and product offered by the website. It goes well with convincing potential customers while also providing visual attraction to the site.

In terms of the color choices, I could see a room for improvement. I didn’t particularly like the mold-green they used as a background but they can still remedy that with a few quick changes.

I couldn’t exactly feel a professional vibe from the site however I don’t think there is a need for that since the site is all about ribbons, and other decorative materials. The fun is definitely there.


The navigation aspect of the site is relatively simple. It mainly revolves around six navigation buttons that would include a homepage, an about page, a shopping page, a gallery and a tutorials page.

Layout & Design:

The layout follows those of other similar websites. What I liked about the website is its use of a professional logo. Logos are good for branding and marketing that is why every business website should have one. I also liked how they had placed the social media icons at a prominent place at the topmost area of the website. Social media has become a powerful driving force in the world of business making it necessary to integrate social media to every business website.

There are only about three sections of the website: the topmost section containing the logo, the social media icon and the carousel, and a bottom section consisting of two separate areas.


The website, Ribbons.com, has shown simplicity in its design which is good for user experience, however, it lacks key design elements such as color, typography and engaging content which can be remedied in an effective redesign.

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