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Website Critique: Paper Mart Boxes and Cartons


Upon entering the webpage for the boxes and cartons offered by the online store, the first thing that had caught my attention was the large heading image located on the upper center of the webpage. The image contains all the products offered by the company from that category and showcasing them as a whole in an attractive and engaging way. What the website designers did with the image and its placement can be considered great as a persuasion and engagement tactic. It is also helpful in a way that viewers and visitors would be able to easily identify the product they are looking for by using the image.

The colors used in the webpage are the same ones used in the entirety of the website and simply put; they are ‘okay’ in terms of color choices. They complement one another and the background gives the look of a carton which is one of the products offered by the website. However, they could have used better color choices.


The navigation aspect of the webpage, and the entire website, is very complex which is quite understandable since the website does offer a multitude of packaging products. The navigation panel below the logo consists of thirteen navigation buttons, most of which pertains to the products offered by the company categorized by their types. All of the buttons expand into other navigation options related to that category. There is also another navigation panel vertically placed on the center left corner of the website which features the same expandable buttons as the one below the logo. Honestly, I feel as if there is actually no use for the second navigation panel as the first one had already proven effective in its role.


There is not much of a design aspect on the webpage but nonetheless, it had proven useful in showcasing the products that the company is offering. All of the products are placed grid-style on the webpage just below the heading image, each having their own image to illustrate how the products look. On the bottommost part of the webpage, you will find a section where you can sign up for their newsletters and on its left side, you’ll also find a series of certified logos and navigation buttons that would lead to pages describing the company itself.


While the webpage of the boxes and cartons offered by Paper Mart lacks in design and in color, it had presented itself in a very professional way and that alone could serve as a basis and catalyst for sale.

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