Web Designed Critique: Tradies

When it comes to a membership club, coming across as welcoming is an important thing to do. The website for Tradies Promotion, www.tradies.com.au, apparently got that memo, with an alluring website with great images, and a cool, appealing colour scheme.

The site, www.tradies.com.au, is a case study in how to use images to tell your website’s message. The aim of the site is to be appealing, and the images it uses in its pages convey that message, which contains either appealing locations and settings, or people having a good time, which help give the site vibrancy and that human element.

That being said, the site sometimes feels like it’s a little too reliant on the images, to the detriment of everything else. The site’s colour scheme is a cool, pleasant blue and white combination, with highlighted text and links sporting the former colour, differentiated with different shades. Even the links on the images sport the same colour, though the site avoids the issue of it blending into the image thanks to good choices of images.

As for navigation, images tend to also have links on them, so they also pull double duty. The main header scrolls down as the browser scrolls down, which is great, since it has links to all of the pages on the site, so navigation isn’t too problematic, even considering all the images.

That isn’t going to be much of an issue, however, as text is quite minimal; they tend to be not much longer than a couple of sentences. This is all the more pronounced due to the formatting used for the site’s text; small letters sporting grey text. This makes them hard to notice sometimes, as the big, bright images placed near them take attention, like they’re supposed to.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a section containing additional information on Tradies’ locations, plus links to other sites; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. There’s also a text box for those looking to sign up for the company newsletter, positioned at the bottom, likely because the people that’ll scroll down that far actually have interest in what they’re offering.

All in all, the site has great images, and a good layout going for it, but could rely on its images a fair amount less. Be more flexible, be more well-rounded; images are great, but as the old saying goes ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

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