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Web Design Critique

Online awareness can be generated with the way that a website has been designed. For example, the website of Blue Horizon Prints that offers Star Wars Art made use of quality images to create a big impression on the target audience.

First Impression

Have you noticed that wide range of images that are presented in the website? The web designer decided to showcase the product to gain the attention of an online user who simply stumbled on the site. Within a few seconds of viewing the landing page, the user immediately gained an impression that the site deals in art. Website design has made it easy for a user to learn more about the site because he only needs to click on the link below the image. The web designer has also seen to it that the pages load as fast as possible so that the user can gain information within a few minutes of browsing through the website.


One of the easiest ways to grab the attention of the target audience is through images. There is no dearth for images on the website from the best sellers to the Star Wars Art. Web design has successfully presented informative content through images. The images don’t need descriptions because they already convey the kind of art that the site wants to present. However, the web designer also made good use of text to inform users on how their images can be transformed to canvas prints.


The potential customer can easily reach check out through a few simple steps. Web design has managed to make navigation user friendly by making sure that the menu is simple and self explanatory. Additional information is provided on the succeeding pages so that the user can easily make a purchase decision. Users who have questions to ask can click on the “contact us” button for live chat. If customer service is not around, a message can be sent. If the user is in a hurry, there is a phone number that can be called immediately. Providing contact information is proof of the site’s legitimacy. Trust is built by the web design because it is user friendly and professional.

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