Web Design Critique: www.patana.ac.th

Private schools like international school in Bangkok feel the pressure when creating a school website. Private schools require a website that will influence parents to enrol their students particularly since schools are in a competitive environment. For marketing purposes, the school website must be able to communicate that it provides a higher quality of education through modern educational tools and fully trained teachers.

First impression

One of the things that impressed me with the website design is the video that traces the history of the international school. It also provides a brief insight on the activities undertaken by the school and the schoolchildren. The video is a good trick because it answers most of the frequent questions of parents who are still on the process of making a decision. The video gives parents more confidence to choose the school for their children. Nevertheless, the video which is clearly for marketing purposes does not affect loading time.


It is very likely that blue was chosen for the colour scheme because it enhances the absorption of information. There are many different eye-catching colours like red, purple or orange but blue is more about professionalism than aesthetics. The generous use of white as background highlights the important information that the school website wants to convey. The search bar is a useful tool for users who want quick information about what the international school can offer. The information on the homepage might not be adequate for parents but there are links on the navigation bar that can be clicked for more relevant content.


Navigation is relatively simple to understand and use. The website designer has used the standard horizontal navigation bar which most users are familiar with. The navigation bar is visually prominent and can be viewed instantly. Website design is obviously optimized for search engines because the labels used are actually the most popular phrases and words related to school search. The navigation menu is also consistent on all the pages. It is very unlikely for a user to get lost when finding information. School calendar information is highlighted because it is usually the most information sought out.


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