Web Design Critique – www.officefitoutsaustralia.com.au

A team of designers from office fitouts in Canberra will create an office design and furnishing solution for an affordable price. The goal of the team is to ensure that space is maximized to its fullest potential for aesthetics and operational efficiency. Since the office is like a second home, it makes sense to create a space that is comfortable and conducive to staying focused.

First impression

The image slider in the homepage is convenient way of displaying numerous images on the website. Big and compelling images can capture the attention of the target audience immediately. However, the image slider used in the website does not translate well for mobile. About one-fourth of the image is displayed when a mobile phone is used to access the site.

Because the image slider is not manually controlled, it does not provide the user with a choice on whether to continue viewing the images or not. Having an About us in the homepage allows a user to learn more about what the company has to offer and what they wish to achieve. The homepage also provides the user all the necessary information about the services provided.


Navigation is user-friendly. The main navigation menu uses simple words that any user will understand. The navigation bar is simple, legible, clear and consistent across all the pages. However, the navigation bar will look better with a little style. More colour will make it look more defined. The horizontal navigation bar takes less space but a great look will enhance the brand.


Content must provide what prospective customers are looking for. The web designer has clearly done the job effectively because the way the website is designed guides a user to the information he seeks. The content of the homepage engages everyone to continue on scrolling down the page particularly those who want to interact further. What the homepage lacks is a visually prominent call-to-action button that will highlight a value when clicked. Content is not unattractive but it will be more aesthetically appealing with more colour. The white background makes text readable and more visible but bold and dominant colours will make the homepage of office fitouts in Canberra more exciting and appealing.

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