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Web Design Critique: www.beyondaword.com.au

Beyond a Word is an Australian company specializing in personalized wall art that are made by hand in Noosa, Queensland. They have various products such as personalized art, photo collage, typographic art, and word art. Today we are going to critique its website www.beyondaword.com.au.

Image Sizes. Looking at the homepage, there are only two different image sizes and the aspect ratio are the same with each image size. This is a website selling art after all therefore they are presenting their products through images. The homepage contains thumbnails of each product category to make it easier for customers to choose based on the purpose of their order. The images have the same size and aspect ratio which is why the homepage is loading fast and it goes well with the responsive design of the site.

Content Order. The site is responsive because after decreasing the screen size, the flow of the content is still consistent despite parts of the website moving down to accommodate the changing screen size. The flow of the content should be the same, regardless of the screen size because this is the main purpose of a responsive design.

Horizontal Alignment. There is no problem with the site’s horizontal alignment because the first half of the homepage contains a single column while the bottom half is texts with images on the left side bar.

Long Titles. The website does not contain long titles but each category name is short and precise. The design looks flawless because there is no lengthy text to try to fit in.

Background. The entire site has a simple and solid cream-colored background which fits well with the homepage because it contains many thumbnails and images. An additional image background would have collided with the content and resulted to a chaotic homepage.

Colours. Beyond a Word is a website dedicated for personalized artwork thus it is expected that they will use colours that fit well with their design. For the homepage, the majority of the colours used are black, pink and blue. Nothing too loud or too bright that could take away the attention from the products they are offering.

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