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Web Design Critique:  www.bangkokflower.com

Many wholesale distributors of orchid cut flowers have their websites because of the rising demand from the international market. Websites make it relatively easy and convenient for foreign flower buyers to access different flowers that are cultivated in Thailand. However, it is important for web design to be aesthetically beautiful and attractive to gain the attention of the international users.

First impression

When you arrive at the landing page, the first thing that will catch your attention is the interactive slider with images of different gorgeous flowers from Thailand. The combination of colours is simple but it exudes a sense of class and sophistication. The simplicity of web design does not mean that it is less creative; it focuses on the most important things that the visitor is looking for. By keeping design and colour palette very minimal, website design becomes flexible enough to create a consistent and memorable brand.


The web designer has managed to create a simple, no-frills horizontal navigation bar with the most important items listed above the fold so that the visitor does not have to scroll down the page. The navigation bar is consistent throughout the pages. It behaves in a way that when you click on a link, it changes into bold font style so that the visitor does not get lost among the pages. Simply said, the navigation bar is perfectly functional and user friendly.


The way that content is designed makes it an ideal marketing tool. Design itself does not sell but content will help users with their market research. The social media icon at the top of the page is an effective strategy because it is a great way to enhance user engagement. Someone who was particularly impressed with content can share it immediately with friends. The share buttons make it easier to share ideas and generate a good volume of traffic to the site. A suggestion is to use videos so that visitors will gain more information without too much effort.

If you are looking for orchid cut flowers, you can download the catalogue for more information. Just click on “shop online” in the navigation bar to start shopping for flowers.

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