Web Design Critique: Vimi’s Mobile Application Development Page

Today, we are going to look into the website design of Vimi particularly their mobile app development Singapore page.

Brief background about Vimi

Their head office is in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was incorporated in 2010. They outsource most of their work to their trusted partners to reduce costs while focusing on quality.

They design, develop and produce:

• Brand, corporate and e-commerce websites
• Native iOS and Android apps
• Blogging and newsletter services

Webpage content

For me, the content is the best feature in any website or webpage. This is where users and prospective clients look for information regarding a site’s product or service. When information shown on a site is irrelevant or lacking, it defeats the purpose of creating a site in the first place.

In www.vimi.co/ios-android-app-development-singapore/ specifically, I like that they included content regarding why a user needs to choose apps, how the apps are to be built and the reason for hiring them for their services and expertise.

With focus on how apps are to be built, I like how they outlined the application process from their methodology as this is very helpful for clients who are not too technical and knowledgeable about the development processes.

The “Get your Instant App Quote”

This deserves its section in this review. This is probably the highlight of this whole page.

The form is very detailed. The sections in the form lists all the possible inclusions for any app.

A client can fill up the contact details section for an immediate pricing. Then, he go through the form’s sections to check on preferences and inclusions like page templates, notifications, search, social integration and so much more.

The form is just so thorough. It also has a link for questions and the company’s privacy policy.

Webpage design

Overall, the design is simple and very easy to navigate. It is even made better with the quick links to sections as seen in dots by the right side of the page.


The webpage pretty much has everything a user needs to know including a really great form to get an instant quote. This mobile app development Singapore page definitely functions for its purpose.

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