Web Design Critique: Triumph Health

About Triumph Health

Triumph Health is located in Bankstown, Sydney offering a one-stop shop solution  to problems that are encountered in the legalities, health, education, and well-being.

Searchability.  When searching the keywords “Triumph Health”, the website appears on the first page of the Google search results which is a positive indication of its popularity. This is an advantage for more views of online users.

Usability. The website is convenient to use with all the necessary information about the aspects of legalities, alternative medicine, and education. The menu tab on the Services section has a drop-down menu that makes it easy for online users to get connected to the topic being searched.

Navigation. The menus on top of the page are arranged horizontally with drop-down menus for the Services section. However, there are no menus on the bottom of the page that could lead to the links on the top menus for easier navigation. The topics on the Services section are individually placed in boxes while you scroll down which instead provide the same information on the drop-down menus on top of the page which is still convenient for online users.

Design and layout. The design of the website is quite simple in light colours which make it a little bit dull. Warmer colours may be used to make the website more attractive. However, the light colours, though are soothing to the eyes. The map at the bottom of the page gives the location and it can be viewed on a larger scale to make it more readable.  The pictures are not all real people, however, the cartoon style makes it lively to look.

Contents.  The contents of the website Triumph Health which offers plenty of information on education, alternative medicine, and other legalities are well structured and informative for online users to use on their research. The topics are interesting which are useful to everyday lives. The company has a noble objective of helping people get information about the different topics that are commonly searched. The articles are clearly stated that gives the online users an easy way of understanding and connecting to their particular need.




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