Web Design Critique: Titan Transline

Presentation is the key to any good website, as it effectively is the brand’s representative on the online space. North American trucking company, Titan Transline got that memo, and took note of it. They got it down, for the most part.

The site features a standard white background, with red being the secondary color of the site. It’s a rather deep shade of red, so it’s easy to notice, which is good, as its the color the site uses to emphasize key information, like contact information, or the page link to requesting a quote from the company. Color distribution is a bit off, though, as there’s a lot of white background, while the outer edges of the background sport a powder blue color. There’s  a lot of bright space in the site, as a result.

Color scheme aside, keythey’re placed on the site’s main header, which contains the other usual bells and whistles one would expect from a main header. Conveniently, it’s also been designed to stick to the top of the browser, giving visitors to the site constant access to all of its options, which makes navigation a lot easier.

As for content, the site makes great use of visual aids like images, videos and other multimedia, with every page greeting site visitors to a colorful, but straightforward image that shows what the trucking company can offer to its customers; they’re vibrant, and add a splash of color to the site, without stealing the spotlight. The site says a lot with an image and a caption.

Which is good, as the site doesn’t have much in the way of text; there aren’t too many sentences when it comes to the main body. However, this rarely feels detrimental to the site’s message, as it managed to be informative with minimal text; it says what it needs to say, and does it well.

The pages take minimal time to load, and minimal effort to navigate, so there’s little issue on those fronts. Text and images, however, do have some hiccups to them, as some of them are clearly just  multiple edits of a single image, or edited stock photos. Site is good, and could just use a bit more polish, and a few more navigation options.

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