Web Design Critique: Titan Transline

When it comes to the internet, first impressions are everything. The first few seconds of something loading into a site are the most important. A single look at TitanTransline.com shows they clearly took that message to heart, with a striking home page and an equally striking overall design.

First thing that’ll greet visitors to the site, regardless of what page they’re on, is the header, which features a stylized myrmidon’s helmet featuring the brand’s colors; black and red. It’s quite the eye-catcher. As for function, it’s about as functional as expected, providing navigational options, and helpful information while sticking to the top of the browser regardless of how far one scrolls down. Helpfully, any important and urgent news from the company is featured in minty green above the header, which makes it stand out easily.

As for content, TitanTransline.com clearly opted for presentation, with lots of logos, images, and videos. There’s a lot of it, but it’s all presented and organized neatly, so it’s all easy to digest. Text is also fairly concise, so there’s no risk of information overload when reading through the page.

Granted, the sheer amount of visual content the site has on a lot of its pages do take a bit more time to load than most, but the way it handles loading is by loading the things one can see first then going along with scrolling instead of the whole thing, so it’s not too pronounced as an issue

Overall, TitanTransline.com is a very striking site, with a memorable design and equally memorable design elements.

However,  the site feels a bit too frontloaded, meaning it feels as if a lot of the good content was put on the home page, with the other pages only getting scraps or the same things. For example, the home page has a section where one can input information in to get a quote from the company, which is repeated in the “Contact” page.

What makes it notable is that, other than the header and the footer, it’s the only thing on that particular page.

The home page is quite convenient, but a bit of its content feels better off left to the other pages. Alternatively, the other pages could get some extra content attached to it.

Overall, well-done site with good design, with a few hiccups that don’t detract much from the overall take.


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