Web Design Critique: Theft Lawyer

About Donich Law Professional Corporation

Donich Law Professional Corporation is a reputable Law Firm based in Toronto that offers creative, experienced, and expert legal representation to its clients. It provides cost-efficient solutions to legal matters with high rates of success. The company is well-recognized in both international and domestic cultures that delivers excellent services to its clients. Its services include Criminal Defence, Civil Litigation, and Professional Regulation.

Searchability. Searching for the keywords “Theft lawyer”, the webpage appears on the 10thsite and fourth item of the Google search result which is not quite a good indication of the company’s popularity. However, if you try to add the words “in Toronto” to the original keywords, the website already appears on the first page, 11th site on the Google search results.

Usability. The company website is complete with all the necessary information about legal matters for those who need its services. The website also indicates some of its defended legal cases that would serve as references for its clients.

Navigation. The menus on the top of the page are horizontally arranged but there are no drop-down menus on the pages. There are also no menu links for easy navigation at the bottom of the page. The users have to go back to the top to open the next menu tab which is quite a hassle because the contents of the page are quite long.

Design and layout. The design and layout of the website are simple and very professional which is reflective of the company. There are no animated texts on the website that makes it very formal. All the contents focus clearly about the company which is a good thing because a law firm is an extremely reserved establishment. The logos of its clients support the reputation of the company. All the pictures presented on the website are typical of a law firm that display formal events. The website design of the page is full of informative items that are beneficial to the users.

Contents. The contents of Donich Law Professional Corporation are full of informative and relevant details about legal matters, its services, and blogs. The page also provides a map at the bottom part which shows where the office is located. It also provides fields where the clients can leave a message regarding their concerns.

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