Web Design Critique: TecDis

03When it comes to standing out as a company, one of the key things to remember is presentation. Tecdis European Logistics Network certainly presents itself well, though there are some blind spots.

First off, the site uses a straightforward cobalt blue and white colour scheme, with the only splashes of colours being the images, highlighted text and links. This gives the site a somewhat straightforwardly professional approach, its information presented with little fuss. It avoids feeling bland, for the most part, since the images it uses are quite eye-catching, with images of company staff doing their jobs and handling logistics.

That being said, a few of the images do look a little strange, as if too much editing was done to them, or the processing didn’t work too well. It’s fairly jarring to see good images, only for one where a forklift and its operator look so blurred they look like ghosts. Another small issue can be seen at the main page, following the main header, where the site lists down the positive points of the company; following every list, there’s a “Read More” link to the other pages. Except only half of the lists have the “Read More” link working; Warehousing and Reverse Logistics. High Tech Transport and Value Added Services also have the words “Read More” at the bottom of their list, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere.

For the head, the company’s name, e-mail and search bar are displayed, and that’s about it. While understandable; the company clearly didn’t want the first thing that visitors to their site be a cluttered head, it also feels a little lacking. Notably, the site doesn’t have customer accounts, which means that the only way to be in company with the company is to use the information displayed in their Contact Us page, which is pretty much just the last part of every page on its own, which lets visitors to the site get a quote from the company.

Worth noting is that Tecdis European Logistics Networkdoesn’t have a telephone number, a mobile number, a Facebook page, or a LinkedIn page. Well, the Get a Quote part of the site does have some space for what can be assumed is the company’s LinkedIn page, but it’s empty; just the LinkedIn logo followed by a blank space.

The text used across the site is straightforward enough, cleanly done, with minimal grammatical or typographical issues. However, the text is also a little on the grey side, which, doesn’t really stand out as well as it should from the white background.

All in all, the site’s layout has little issue, sporting a straightforward and effective structure, though the site’s content itself feels a little unfinished in some places, with key information and links missing. The pages in the site feel a little detached from the others, so navigation can be a bit troublesome at times, especially with how long some of the text is. A little polishing could do this site wonders.

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