Web Design Critique: South America Tours.au

To call yourself the “Your Boutique South America Travel Specialist” requires a certain amount of confidence in your brand. That being said, South America Tours.au does quite a bit to live up to the hype it made for itself.

The colour blue is a key part of the Australian flag and, when introduced in a corporate context, gives out a calming, cool and professional image. The header is plain blue, with links to the tours they offer, the destinations they can get you to, then the link which allows for the customisation of your trips, which is what the site and the firm focuses its advertising.

Immediately after that is a header slideshow with some images and some slogans, with some showing activities and people from South America, and others showing the big tourist attractions for South America tour, like the ever-popular Machu Picchu. That sets up you nicely for what you’re going to get from the site; good travel options to the popular tours, and, for those looking to see the other sights, who don’t really want the most popular tours, there are a list of other ideas.

The site uses visual aids quite nicely, they’re just the right size; big enough to grab your attention, but not big enough to make the page look cluttered, which is saying something since there’s a lot of them; South America tour images are attractive and appealing, with some featuring happy South American people, giving them a humanizing, welcoming aspect. Of course, this is a tourist firm, drawing people in with good looking views, both people and places, is part and parcel of the operations, and it does it well, while remaining a clean, professional aesthetic.

As we’ve said, the site uses visual aids quite well, with the About Us bit in the main page followed by a video which tells the same thing you’ve read in the text. That being said, it’s a nice, quaint, welcoming video; which is the thing that, as we’ve mentioned, is the site does really well.

Then following that, is an image of South America, with a link that leads to the customisation page for your trips; which, as we’ve mentioned before is what the site prides itself on. After that are tips and expert advice for your trips, option to subscribe to the firm’s newsletter.

The site uses visual aids well, but it uses them a lot so while the site is well designed and straightforward, with a clear purpose it adheres to. Prepare for a lot of scrolling, though thankfully, there’s a button that leads you to the top of the page whenever you need it.

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