Web Design Critique: Solitaire Bangkok

In this day and age, it’s key for any self-respecting business to present themselves to the world properly. Their website should adhere to the same standards of quality the company itself adheres to in its actual operations.

The hotel in Sukhumvit, the Solitaire Hotel, certainly got the message loud and clear, with a clean and well-presented site that works wonders for people looking to book.

First off, the header also has the hotel’s location and rough location, plus account and booking management options. These are the things that most people who book tend to fuss over the most; where a hotel is, how to reach them, what’s on offer, and other such details. There’s even a promo code for every visitor who comes into the site, which they can use for special offers.

The site sports a white and dark gold colour scheme, with text in dark grey, following the Solitaire Hotel icon. The text is a little small and hard to see because of the bright white background, sometimes, but doesn’t really detract from the site’s aesthetics, as the site makes liberal use of visual media in order to advertise itself.

Lots of images, videos and even some 3D views, some of which also have descriptions  that appear when you mouse over them, are spread all over the site, giving visitors a good idea of what the hotel actually looks like. It’s great presentation, letting their potential customers a feel of what the hotel is like, as well was what the hotel has to offer for people. Of course, as one would expect from such heavy use of such visual media, the site needs quite a bit of scrolling down and loading, what with all the things to load.

That being said, there are links to the top for every page in the site, which makes scrolling back up easy. Positioned close to the end, it’s a smart move; the only people who would see it are the ones who’d actually be interested in the hotel itself. There are two constants when it comes to navigation; the header, which contains links to the home page, rooms, restaurants & bars, location, special offers, and other pages, making navigation a breeze. The second bit is the booking, which lets visitors select a check in and check-out date, number of adults and number of rooms being booked, which they’ll see constantly as they browse through the offerings.

All in all, excellently presented, with good use of visual media, though some refinement on the text might be needed, as well as some streamlining for the sake of slower networks.

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