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Web Design Critique: Showpiece Commercial Cleaning

Showpiece Commercial Cleaning is one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Sydney which offers a number of services including commercial cleaning, school cleaning, office cleaning, church cleaning, Strata complex cleaning and multi-level building cleaning. Today we are going to critique its website which is located at www.showpieceservices.com.au.

Let us look at the sizes of the images used on the website. In the homepage, there is a high quality header image followed by thumbnails directing to links including “Our Services”, “Happy Clients” and “Work with us”. Below that is a bigger image than the thumbnails but also high quality. There are varying sizes except for the three thumbnails but the website loads fast regardless. The only image size that is common in every page of the website is the header.

The website is clearly responsive because the order of the contents is the same regardless of the size of the browser used. The flow is not interrupted and the contents adjust accordingly.

The titles used all throughout are just right – not too short and not too long. Long titles are generally discouraged because if the user is using a device with small screen size then the design will not be as effective.

Loading time is quite fast because there are no heavy images or videos that have to be loaded on the homepage or any other page. The website does not use full screen background image which is one of the reason why some websites are taking up a lot of time to load thus losing potential customers.

The website made use of simple and readable fonts. The texts are easy to read against a plain white background and the font size is just right for reading.

The company made use of neutral colors for their website. The company website logo is blue and white. Every page is incorporated with black to tone down the white background but all call-to-action buttons are displayed in bright green to easily catch the attention of the users.

In conclusion, Showpiece which is one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Sydney has proven with their website that they are professional and they aim to deliver customer satisfaction.

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