Web Design Critique: Safeway Security Screens

About the website

Safeway Security Screens is a website of company that manufactures screens and security doors in Perth which is based in Perth, Western Australia. The business is family-owned and has been operational for almost three decades. Today, we are going to critique its website located at www.safewaysecurityscreens.com.au.

First Impression. As soon as you click on the website, the first thing I noticed is the fast loading time. The contents are shown right away. The website is simple with a plain, white backdrop. There are only three short paragraphs containing an introduction about the website and what it offers to customers. From this, visitors know right away the purpose of the website or the company behind it.

Design and Layout. The design of the website is simple and minimalistic. There is not much going on in the homepage except for a brief introduction. Below that are three videos embedded on the page. These videos are made in order to showcase how the products are developed, tested and sent into production. As for the layout, aside from the main content, there is a side bar at the right side with seals related to the business including best price guarantee, lifetime break-in guarantee and lifetime component warranty.

Color and Font. The website does not have much color to begin with. The background is a solid white and the texts are all in black. This made the logo at the top left corner stands out because of its black and red color combination. Aside from the call to action button for “Request a Quote” and the seal of warranties at the right side, there are no other colors on the page. This made the entire page look quite empty. The whole website uses the same font all throughout. It is easy to read but it does not offer much in terms of variety.

In conclusion, the website of Safeway Security Screens that manufactures security doors in Perth is simple, minimalistic and professional-looking. The homepage conveys the information that clients want to know as soon as they land on the site. It also has the recommended call to actions buttons.

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