Web Design Critique: Pro Removalists Sydney

One of the biggest considerations when it comes to looking up furniture removalists in Sydney is how much it’ll cost to get all that stuff hauled. Pro Removalists Sydney know this all too well, with two options for getting quotes immediately greeting visitors to the site.

That initial element that visitors see at the start of the home page, the one that provides free quotes, gives contact detail for the company, and basically acts as the site’s main navigation tool, is present in all of the site’s pages. One has to admit this is a clever decision to make, as it gives makes navigation a breeze. However, it’s also worth noting that one of the images in its slideshow has a misspelling, as it uses the verb, ‘advise’, when the more proper term is the noun form ‘advice’. A small issue, but given that it shows up on every page, it’s really noticeable.

Now, the site uses a plain white background, with blue and orange bits for emphasis. A good choice of colour, with blue suggesting that air of professionalism, while orange denotes an air of liveliness and energy.  They add that splash of colour that helps with making the site not feel bland, especially with the amount of text the home page has.

However, the other pages, while they do have the orange and blue colour scheme, it feels underused at times, with a lot of text being uninterrupted.

The text is lengthy, but it’s also well done, with locations and key terms acting as links to other pages that provide the visitor with additional information. For example, if one heads for the ‘Contact Us’ page, they can see the regions in Sydney, like Northern Beaches, and they can click the name in order to see which services are available for that area. Convenient.

All in all, the site prides itself on being convenient, which is something anyone can appreciate, and is definitely something furniture removalists in Sydney and their websites ant to be. It does, however, suffer from an imbalance of content, with the home page having far more content that any other page in the site, not just in text, but also in images and visual aids, which makes every other page feel somewhat barebones in comparison.

The reviews on the home page could be moved to their own page, or the additional information on the home page could be moved to the relevant pages. The feeling of imbalance is very noticeable.

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