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Web Design Critique: Pink Caviar Events

This is a company that specializes as Sydney event stylist and geared towards organizing weddings and other events. They also offer other services such as open air photo booth, white thrones, candy buffet and lolly bars, dessert bars, champagne bar and chocolate stations. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.pinkcaviar.com.au.

Loading. As soon as you enter the website address, the loading time is only a few seconds. It is the most important element in web design if you want visitors to stay on the page. This is also the main element that directly impact page conversion.

Content. The website looks professional at first look. The header is an animated slideshow of wedding images. The texts made use of plain fonts which are easy to read and easy on the eyes. Fuchsia pink is used on links. The only thing that needs improving is the light pink texts used in some titles which is quite hard to read on a white background.

Broken Links and Images. There are no broken links included on the homepage and all images are loading as well as the embedded video at the bottom.

Website’s Purpose. The website address might not give away much as to the site’s purpose but as soon as you see the homepage you will know right away that the company is an event organizer or coordinator. This is important to avoid confusions on the customer’s part.

Navigation. The page is easy to use with a menu bar at the top of the page. Links are also provided for the various services offered by the company. Clients can easily contact the company through their Contact Us form located at the right sidebar. There are social media link provided at the top right of the page in the form of icons, which is easier for customers to contact them through other means.

Overall the website of the company Pink Caviar, which is a Sydney event stylist, delivers. It is easy to use, navigate and pages are loading fast. The homepage can look crowded with the About Us included at the bottom so it might be worth to reconsider and dedicate a specific page for this set of information.

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