Web Design Critique: Perth Web Design

Today, we are going to check the site, web design in Perth. They are a digital agency. Some of their services include web site designing, solutions for online marketing and search engine optimization.

Let us start with the homepage.

The black background works well with the white, gray and blue fonts.

I love how the logo is simple enough and an abbreviation of their company name.

Another point I want to mention is the contact number they put in the upper left for emphasis. This is a great idea! When this is clicked, it allows us to call their office right away.

The navigation bar stays on top of the page regardless if we are scrolling down the page. The navigation links are also self-explanatory and clear.

Under the navigation bar, the animated image of the skyline complements with the static text of WE LOVE and the dynamic texts of WEB DESIGN, GOOGLE, E-COMMERCE and OUR CLIENTS. This shows their commitment in their field and how they value the services they provide to their clients.

Scrolling down the home page, we can see in the Services section how intelligently put the icons are relating to the services they offer. Looking right away at the icons, we can easily understand them without having to read the short descriptions below which are still very helpful.

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