Web Design Critique: Orisoft

Orisoft is company that offer payroll software solution to companies in Thailand with the use of unified PAY. It boasts of an integrated system that makes it easier to manage employee payroll which is more efficient in comparison to manual methods of payroll management. Today, we are going to critique its website located at www.orisoft.co.th.

Content Order. All the contents on the homepage are in order when you visit the link. A good website is one that maintains its flow regardless of the screen size. Reducing the size of the web browser to half the original does not disrupt the flow of the contents on the homepage. The icons and text contents are still in the right order.

Image Sizes. There are between three and four image sizes present in all the pages of the website. Every page has an image or two embedded and the sizes are identical with the other page. This is the reason why the page is still loading fairly fast despite the images and text contents. The website used a standard style in the images and the same pattern seems to be emerging in almost all pages.

Long Titles. The original website is shown in the local Thai language but foreigners have the option to translate the entire page. The titles used are professional and straightforward. When the screen is smaller, the page does not look crammed with titles because of it was kept brief and simple

Fonts. The fonts used all over the website are simple, professional and easy to read. There are no special fonts used which can be a strain to the eye to understand sometimes. The main goal of the website is to relay information to companies in a clean and concise way and it was clearly achieved.

Background Image. The background was plain and simple – a white solid colour which highlights the images included in every page and the texts included.

Overall, the company is able to achieve its goal which is to attract companies looking for payroll software solution because the website is a big indication that they are professional in what they do. The clean layout also speaks volume regarding the company’s work ethics.

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