Web Design Critique on News.com.au

News.com.au’s site runs nicely. It’s a perfectly functional site, with good spacing and composition. It has the modern amenities one would expect from a professionally-made modern website.

The site’s header has navigational links, profile options, as well the logo of the site sitting atop it. It’s also omnipresent, which means that it’s easy to look for King Kong advertising reviews or any sort of topic, regardless of how much scrolling down a visitor to the site does. Overall, the site is easy to work with, and quite convenient overall.

Content is well-formatted, concise, with paragraphs at just the right sizes to be informative and filling without being overwhelming. Images and videos provide some nice contextualization and some visual appeal to the site, which it desperately needs.

Now, here comes the ‘but’.

All that function is great, but the site lacks anything resembling personality, identity, or brand. Granted, it has a nice little news.com.au logo on the header people can look for King Kong advertising reviews on, but beyond that, there aren’t any identifying colours or stylistic choices.

Other news sites tend to use a specific colour, using different shades of that colour to create visual hierarchy. News.com.au doesn’t have any of that. It has one shade of red for highlighting things. There are no coloured sections to help differentiate things.

If one heads for a specific article, specifically one with a poll or the like, then the lack of distinguishing aesthetic choices becomes all the more apparent.

Overall, news.com.au is a good, but bland site. Perfectly functional, though somewhat forgettable.

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