Web Design Critique: Memorial Urns Australia

Feeling comfortable when discussing a matter as delicate as death is no easy task, though it seems one that Memorial Urns Australia hopes to achieve with the design of its website. As the name implies, the company sells cremation urns in the AU, something it makes very clear with its presentation.

A straightforward name, accompanied by a straight forward site, is what Memorial Urns Australia presents, with a site motto that says “Keeping Memories Alive Forever”, and an introductory slideshow in the main page that tells gives visitors a good idea of what to expect from the site, and, hopefully, the company as well; beautiful cremation urns, presented neatly, succinctly in a calm, welcoming environment.

The colors used for the design of the site, powder blue and dark, earthen brown, do much to lend it that relaxing, comforting vibe, which is something that’s quite useful given the topic of the site and the company itself.

The images used to present the cremation urns themselves are quite appealing, with clean borders, soft colors, and a helpful little heart icon on the upper right side of the image that allows visitors to save urns to their wishlist, should they choose. The images are accompanied by concise descriptions of the items, to give visitors a good idea of what they are.

Now, this preference for laconic text feels overdone, as the same laconic text pops up across all of the pages in the site. For example, the “About Us” page amounts to 5 paragraphs, none longer than three sentences. While this does cut down on the amount of scrolling needed for the whole of the site, it does give it that ‘barebones’ feel.

Notably, some of the images, the main advantage of the site, don’t work properly, at least in the FAQs section, which does make it feel like the Shop page received particular focus, to the detriment of the other pages.

The site, overall, made some smart decisions when it came to its aesthetics, however, it does feel a little rushed, perhaps somewhat half-baked, which does hurt quite a bit. A little work, and greater use of concise text, would do well to improve the site.

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