Web Design Critique: Market Sports Online

The Market Sports Online “About Us” page is short, sweet and straight to the point. Which, considering their motto is “We Bring Your AFL Shopping 100% Simple, Secure and Pain Free”, makes a lot of sense; they’re very straightforward as to what they do, which is to sell you official AFL merch, something their site shows quite nicely.

One of the key things people will worry about when purchasing merchandise online is the shipping. Shipping can be a real issue, and the Market Sports site knows this; the first thing you’ll see when you enter the AFL store site is  the header that tells that the site provides free shipping in Australia for any order worth more than $125, which is a nice, subtle way of getting people to spend more money.

Following that is the main menu, with a list of AFL Teams, a link to the visitor’s account, account registration, that sort of thing, complete with a checkout button, despite the fact that the aforementioned header has a link to the shopping cart, complete with a checkout button. Though that’s more a convenient function than anything else.

Below the main menu is, of course, a banner showing off the site’s special promos; new releases, special deals, offers, that sort of thing. It’s header, menu, banner, with nothing in between each of them. Like we’ve mentioned before, this AFL store site is very straightforward in its design, with the bare minimum of text.

The page, after that, is the site motto, then links to specific AFL teams, for easy access to their merch, with what little text the site has telling you to start shopping. It’s a complete list, with each link being a curved square bearing the team colours, making navigation easy.

Then after that, are additional special offers, with the site ending with reviews for the AFL store site, and a list of product providers. Notably, there is also a small tab linked to Google Customer Reviews, which behave similarly to the header;ie. it follows you around as you scroll down.

The site does what it wants to do, as cleanly as it can. It’s heavy on visual aids, and barebones when it comes to text, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That being said, sharing a little bit more information on the site could be to its benefit.

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