Web Design Critique:  LegalZoom

We’re here for you, says LegalZoom’s about us page. They say that everyone should be able to acquire the legal help that they need. Their site seems to be aimed at making sure of that, though it can be a lot to take in, both literally and in terms of bandwidth.

The first thing you’ll see is a white header, that has the LegalZoom icon in the header, which also acts a link to the homepage, which, by this point, is expected for all websites. The aforementioned idea, that everyone should have access to legal help, is made clear with the “Consultation” button in plain sight, clearly marked in blue text against the white backdrop. That’s the site’s primary color scheme: blue on white. Professional, cool, but kind.

The site has clear links for specific subsections all neatly arranged, with a consistent white-blue scheme, followed by several reviews and a series of helpdesk links, requiring little navigation to find assistance, which is good, because if someone turns to a lawyer, they’ll probably want to get to the legal issue at hand as quickly as possible. Speaking of specific issues, let’s take a look at the Federal Tax ID Number or EIN Number subpage.

The LegalZoom subpage for EIN Number help follows a similar format; header then content. First thing you’ll see is a large image of what appears to be a businessman, flanked by the text “The easy way to get your EIN” in large, white text contrasting with a dark gray backdrop. A link, pricing and samples are also easily access, located directly below that text, making for easy finding.

After that are the reasons for getting an EIN Number, what it actually is and who needs it, followed by the help desk. There’s quite a bit of extra space for every bit; for getting started, the image, etc. The space makes the particular parts they want to emphasize easy to single out, but it also means there’s quite a bit of scrolling to do.

Other than the over-spacing for individual elements, the LegalZoom site does what it needs to do with just the right amount of flair to make it stand out; with good aesthetics, easy navigation, and a simple, straightforward design approach.

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