Web Design Critique: KDG

When looking to advertise, presentation is paramount; visitors must be able to see and grasp what products and services are on offer, and how said products and services can help them, all while keeping people interested as they peruse. Kyle David Group got this message loud and clear, with a well-designed, clean, professional site, that manages to avoid feeling dull or boring.

The first that’ll greet visitors to KDG’s site isn’t the logo, or the main menu full of navigational links. Not the ‘found here’ tool, no. There’s a little bit above that, mostly numbers; important ones – the company’s telephone number and the aggregate score of their customer reviews, which also works as a link to the feedback. These two numbers being at the very top of every page, above everything else, is the basically the company saying that they’re easy to reach and talk to, and they’re worth talking to.

Following that is the main header itself, with the links and functionalities that people expect from every professional website. There isn’t actually much to criticize about it, except for the fact that it’s also white like the background, so it kind of bleeds into said background when scrolling down, which is notable as some pages have a secondary tab which helps with navigation, like in the mobile app development page, and those have a bit of purple and grey coloring to help distinguish them.

Navigation isn’t too hard, as this menu, as mentioned before, will follow the browser as it scrolls down, with a little upwards-pointing arrow that’s a shortcut to the top of every page. As for links, they’re integrated nicely with the content, helping flow quite nicely.

Content itself is well-done, with a good mix of text and visual media, without coming across as overusing either. Text is informative but concise, managing to avoid boring walls of text, while the visual media are colorful, lively, and work nicely with the text to inform people of what KDG is about. Some of the images even flip around to show testimonies from customers or statements from staff, meaning that they fill up the page nicely instead of just cluttering the space.

Icons and special offers are marked with purple sections mixed with white text, making it easy for visitors to go to the site and not have to wonder ‘What can be found here on this site?’. They’re also partially animated, giving it a bit of liveliness, which is something the site, in general, embraces.

KDG shows nicely how the professional approach needs not be boring or dull, with judicious use of visual media both providing some much needed flavor while working nicely with content.

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