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Web Design Critique: Juice Beauty

First impression

Web design has not tried to fill up the page with an abundance of content. The site is simple and attractive and used white space generously that is why the images of the products standout. In many instances, web pages are full of clutter or information overload that is why some users abandon the site. Web design has created something readable in an instant and it is hard to imagine how a visitor will not know what it is all about. A glance at the website delivers the message that it is about beauty products.


The objective of the web design can be determined immediately. Yellow and white seems to work well together to create an ambiance of simplicity and efficiency. The images that have been used fit the target audience. Content is relevant and informative. It explains well why juice is a powerful skin care formula with organic ingredients. Makeup is categorized according to skin concerns which make it very easy for the user to find the product being sought for. It is important for content to be maintained well and keep updated so that customers will always have new information to look forward to.


Navigation bar is consistent and can be found in similar locations on the web pages. Even if the navigation bar was not created using contrasting colors, it is quite obvious and easy to see on the white background. By clicking skin care, a box of additional information is activated and will not be overlooked by a causal user. Another navigation bar is located at the lower end of the landing page and includes significant information that a user may be interested in like the about us page, contact information and FAQ.

Besides having a consistent feel, colors are also consistent throughout the pages. A user can completely understand all the information that has been provided and allow them to choose the products according to their present situation. If you require a website that looks good and at the same get your business in front of your target audience, visit www.perth-web-design.com.au.

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