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Web Design Critique: Inbound Marketing Agents

The website that we are going to critique for today is owned by Inbound Marketing Agents. The site is located at www.inboundmarketingagents.com. As soon as the load pages, you will be welcomed by a minimalistic design focusing on dark and white colors. The logo used by the company is simple using only a single color, white. The Menu button is plastered at the top right and can be clearly seen from a distance because of the font size which is ideal even for senior users or people with issues in their vision. Everything on the homepage is in large, clear fonts.

Loading. Loading time is fast because of the minimalist design despite the image background used which occupies the entire space. Scrolling down will lead to white backgrounds and a number of other high resolution images used as backgrounds which do not affect the loading time of the page.

Navigation. As stated above, Menu option is as clear as daylight. Once you scroll down, you will be able to see the highlighted features by the company with corresponding buttons that will direct you to the right page. Included are learning more about inbound marketing, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Development, and Marketing and Coaching.

Fonts and font size. The typefaces used are very simple with no cursive that makes it hard for users to read. All are designed to be displayed in large white or black fonts that are highlighted by the complementing background color or image.

Links and contact information. There are social media buttons located at the bottom of every page which makes it easier for users to share the website through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. There is complete contact information right after the social media icons for those interested to contact the company.

Overall, the homepage is fast loading and contains clear contents. The design is easy on the eyes which will make you focus on the information that the website is trying to convey. The only problem is that the homepage contains highlights with very large fonts that you will need to scroll quite a few times before reaching the end of the page.

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