Web Design Critique: https://www.illustratedmaps.com/

These days, it is very easy for illustrated maps by Maria Rabinky to share the works of art with a target audience. With great content, a website can easily generate an online presence and a level of recognition. Images of bird’s eye view maps can receive a thousand views within a short period of time. In this website, images play a big part in promoting the site, in interacting with others with similar interest and in gaining feedback.

First impression

Images in the homepage are used appropriately to catch the attention of visitors. The goal is not simply to fill up white space. Users will pay attention to the images of illustrated maps because they are unique and very interesting. The images contain relevant information and not necessarily to jazz up the web page. The images used have an emotional appeal because bird’s eye view maps are totally different from traditional maps that people normally use for navigation. The viewer can immediately visualize how to use the maps that are being featured in the web page.

Sliders are one of the coolest things in web design. Sliders are very useful in showing relevant information or showcasing the portfolio of the map illustrator. The slider is one of the first things that a user will see and in this case, it makes the user curious and interested to learn more about the product.


Navigation helps a user find the information he seeks. Users typically want to know where they are in the site and where else they can go for additional information. Navigation is organized to ensure that visitors will stay longer on the site and gain confidence on the brand. User experience is enhanced because they can find what they need with little effort.


Content is not a sales pitch. Content explains how illustrated maps are created and how they can be used by clients for different purposes. Content communicates with the audience and works well with design. The words used are easy to understand and allow the visitor to take action. It answers all the potential questions that a visitor would like to ask from Maria Rabinky.

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