Web Design Critique: https://www.illustratedmaps.com

If you are searching for illustrated maps, you have certainly arrived at the right page. Illustrated maps are now making a comeback not as tools for navigation but as effective marketing tools. On the homepage, you will find beautiful examples of fully interactive illustrated maps. You will access more information by visiting their services page where all your frequently asked questions are answered in detail.

The services page of the website is the best source of information which means that it must not be overlooked in terms of aesthetics. Some of the answers can be found on the homepage content but sometimes the user’s attention is distracted by images and graphics. Most users prefer to find answers in the FAQ page because it easier and faster. Besides that, some users are too busy or too impatient to find answers in the homepage content.

The design of the services page is consistent with the other pages. It also shows the same personality that can be found from the rest of the website. The generous use of white space makes the design look simple and well organized. Since the goal of the page is to be helpful to users, there is no clutter that will distract the user’s attention. The design is honest and simple without any complexities.

In order not to overwhelm users with so much information, the web designer made use of sub-categories. Users can access information with as little effort as possible with few taps and less scrolling. Users can easily find the sub-categories quickly without confusing it with main navigation. The main navigation menu is present on the all pages of the website and it is particularly suited to users who jump from one page to another to search for information.

Keywords are appropriately used on content for SEO. Trust is established through content so that users will be convinced to order a fully interactive illustrated map. Content has explained well how the interactive map works so that users can decide easily whether they want an interactive illustrated map. Some new questions may be added sometime in the future based on customer experiences.



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