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Web Design Critique:  https://www.effectiveboilerrepairsmiddlesbrough.com/

A website is very important for heating engineers that offer boiler repairs, new boiler installations and annual boiler servicing. However, in a highly competitive industry, building a good reputation can promote confidence among the customers. The way that the website is designed must emphasize professionalism so that customers will have peace of mind when they hire the service.

First impression

Upon arriving on the landing page, a visitorwill be greeted by an interactive slider that gains the attention for a few seconds. The slider spans from one side to the other, something that a visitorwon’t miss. The slider is engaging particularly with the images used to elicit a more personal response from the audience. The call to action buttons provides a user with an opportunity to get a free quote or book an appointment with a heating engineer. The landing page also boasts of the pertinent and relevant information that visitorslook for to judge the reliability of the site.


Navigation is a key element of a successful web design. In terms of usability, navigation offers a positive experience. Visitors do not have to make an effort to find the information they are looking for. There are clear labels in the navigation menu that allows users to move from one page to the other. The tab becomes darker when it is selected in the navigation menu to show the visitor where he is. Navigation options appear consistently across all pages making it easy for the visitor to transfer the search to the other pages.


The combination of colors on light background makes it easy to read and understand content. Different sections are itemized and organized to enhance the visitor’s experience. The content it presents has good value to a visitor who is searching for heating engineers that can provide boiler repairs, installation and service. The page that shows that the heating engineers are Gas Safety certified provides potential consumers with the confidence that they are working with professionals. It is crucial for customers to know that someone will take responsibility to ensure that the boiler is functioning properly and safely.




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