Web Design Critique: https://trackssl.com/

If you are browsing TrackSSL.com it is very likely that you are interested in monitoring your SSL certificates. It is very important to have a SSL certificate monitoring tool to keep you notified of any essential information regarding the configured SSL certificates. You can also regularly check the expiry dates of the SSL certificates with notification reminders according to your preferences.

Black and white websites are impactful and ensure that the design stays clean and uncluttered. Call to action is clearly emphasized through the use of bold purple color. Purple is very rarely used in web design but when used in call to action, it stands out from the rest of the content. Highlighted against the mainly black and white tone of the landing page, the purple call to action stands out and engages with the user.

Will the user be strongly motivated to take action? Most likely, if the user strongly relates to the content. The way that call to action is designed is quite good because it sends a clear message to the user. It tells the user the specific action he should take like creating an account. The call to action on the top of the page effectively catches the user’s attention even before they read content. Users who read all the way to the end will be interested in the other call to action buttons.

Using a chat box effectively automates the process of responding to questions, solving problems and enhancing user experience. Any task that does not require human interaction can be done easily through the chat box. The key to a good chat box is a good design with personality and functionality. Since the chat box is a representation of the brand, it initiates interaction with the visitor. Once again, the web designer has consistently used the same color purple in call to action and in the chat box.

The way navigation is designed is different from retail websites because the focus is on users of SSL certificate monitoring and reminder tools. It is safe to say that the target audience is IT teams and website owners who are quite knowledgeable with the technology.

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