Web Design Critique: https://tecrep24.com/

There are many reasons why a computer stops working. Sometimes, it is a virus, malware or corrupt software. Do not panic because there is tecrep24.com that will fix the problem the soonest time possible. Computer repairs are handled by competent and experienced technicians who will go to your home to detect the potential problem.

First impression

It is very common for websites to have a slider on the homepage to attract the attention of visitors. The slider acts as a focal point that can be activated through an arrow. The slider used in web design describes effectively what the website is all about. It is very obvious that the slider highlights the service that is being offered. At a glance, the visitor immediately recognizes the message that the website wants to impart.

The images used in web design provide the website with a face. This means that there are professionals who are worth your trust. It makes the visitor more comfortable on the site. Since people are more drawn to images than text, they can improve the conversion rates.


Capturing the attention of users can be immensely challenging and good website content is the key to remain competitive. Content is well written and the web designer knows the audience. The audience is people who are searching for a trustworthy computer technician who will fix the computer. Content has been written to make it accessible and interesting to the audience. The most important message has been placed on top of the page to target visitors who have short attention spans.

A good trick is the tecrep24.com hotline that can respond to questions in real time. The detailed package overview provides consumers with an idea on how much basic packages and emergency packages cost including every additional 30 minutes. As the user scrolls down the page, he learns more about the services offered. Information is clear, useful and relevant so that it can reach a wider audience. Even if the website is about computer repair, content does not include technical jargon that most people do not understand. The simplicity of the website makes it easier to generate leads and conversions.

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