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Web Design Critique: https://s31hotel.com/

The website https://s31hotel.com/is designed for a modern hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok that offers luxurious and exceptional service to guests and state-of-the-art facilities. Guests can also expect modern amenities that range from a fitness centre, spa and sauna, Jacuzzi, function hall and professional meeting rooms to meet all desires.

First impression

The opening slider at the landing page will immediately catch a user’s attention. The visitor to the site immediately knows what the website is all about; however, there may be some confusion because of the beautiful model that can easily grab some of the attention that is supposed to be focused to the images of the hotel’s offerings. Sliders are powerful ways to provide information like a good story. Websites do not get a second chance to gain an impression because a user usually makes a snap judgment based on what he sees upon arrival on the landing page. The call to action at the bottom of the slider is a good design trick because it provides the user with a promo code to take advantage of a good price.


The navigation menu at the top of the page helps people find their way around the site. This navigation style works well across different screen sizes and designs. Since the navigation menu is fairly consistent on all the pages, users can navigate the site from anywhere on the page. Visitors can easily access the website regardless of whatever device they are using. The sub-menus at the bottom of the page offer more opportunities for a visitor to gain more information about the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, Thailand.


The generous use of white background satisfactorily highlights content. Information is provided quickly for people who will probably browse about 20% of the page. Traditionally information is usually in the form of text but images usually provide more information for those who are too busy to read text. Creating categories for different content types makes it easy to walk through the page and understand what the site is all about. Displaying the awards that the hotel has received is also a good trick to build trust and credibility.

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