Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/

Having a website is not just an option for law firms; it is a marketing tool that must be fully embraced to remain competitive. One of the best websites that has been identified due to its design concept is MyDefence.ca. It is a perfect example of a legal website that draws a visitor through its visuals and keeps the visitor on the page through information.

The image of a city used in the homepage is outstanding and highly appealing. It has been chosen well to attract attention. The site is mostly in shades of white and grey but still manages to draw the eye. However, the visitor of a legal website is most likely searching for information about lawyers who can provide excellent legal services and results. Most of the potential clients won’t be interested in visuals and typography because the focus is on information.

The law firm has lots of practice areas but they were able to organize information in a visually appealing way. There is a lengthy explanation on what the law firms does that will be very interesting to potential clients. Criminal law can be a tough and complicated issue but it is clearly explained for easy understanding. The main concerns of visitors have been identified and information is provided on how the concerns can be solved.

Visitors will be interested to know more about the essential elements of a criminal case and what to do when arrested. Content focuses on things that potential clients will be worrying about like being arrested by the police and accused of a crime. The use of videos to educate visitors on their rights when arrested by the police and how the criminal offense works is a good trick to convince visitors to stay longer on the site.

The expertise of the firm is highlighted by a slightly darker background. The same style is continued across the page as well as the other pages for consistency. Larger type holds the attention of the visitor longer. Content demonstrates authority and expertise which are the key elements that can drive traffic t the site and inquiries from potential clients.

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