Web Design Critique:  https://latin-brides.net/

First impression

The first thing that will come to your mind when you visit the site of https://latin-brides.net/ is love and romance because of the large image of a newly married couple. The photographer has successfully captured the love between the bride and the groom in a splendid backdrop of sunset on water. As you continue to browse the site, your attention will be captured by the slideshow of Latin women images. This is very useful for dating sites because the slider showcases the beautiful women who are seeking a long term relationship with men from all over the world. While the slider is not typically located above the fold on the homepage, the beautiful profiles are enough to catch attention.


More than the standard amount of information is provided by the site on the homepage. While other sites prefer to put additional information on other pages,https://latin-brides.net/ decided to provide all the important information on the landing page so that there will be no question on the service that it offers. While the homepage is meant to inform the user, text must be broken into digestible sections with high quality images, headings, text boxes or other call outs. This will set a nicer pace in the consumption of information. Even if information is important, presenting it to users must be done in moderation so that it will not be too overwhelming. Just a little excitement in the presentation of information will attract more users.


Navigation has been well planned so that users can effectively interact with content. Navigation is user friendly meaning that it allows users to look for the content they are looking for. It gently leads the users to profiles of Latin women who are looking for long term relationships. Everyone who has browsed this site will agree that navigation has been designed to be as simple as possible. The sub pages follow the same navigation format. It is predictable and fairly consistent which is a good idea because not all users are tech savvy. By keeping navigation simple, the chances of leading the user to the clickable shopping cart icon increases.



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