Web Design Critique: https://kyledavidgroup.com/areas-of-focus/philanthropic-crowdfunding/

The key to a successful Philanthropic crowdfunding campaign is to minimize all obstacles in collecting donations. Giving must be fast and donors must feel good after donating. Modern donors are encouraged by customized interfaces, relevant and focused themes, mobile optimization and 24/7 support which can be provided by experts is custom crowdfunding campaigns.

Web design for KDG is impressively minimalist which highlights the company’s professionalism. One look at the screen and everything looks promising. What they do is immediately explained so that users won’t be confused. One of their areas of focus is Philanthropic crowdfunding although there are links to other areas of expertise. Only the familiar items of interest can be found on the main navigation menu like about, areas of focus, services, insights and contacts.

Design is clean without huge animated images. When there is plenty to look at, the user becomes undecided on where to focus the attention. Simple design creates a seamless experience for the user because his eyes can move easily along the page. By reducing the number of elements on the site, the chances that the user will remember the message is enhanced. Less distractions can increase conversions.

Design is what attracted the user in the first place but it is content that encourages the user to stay longer on the site. Good content separates the website from others that delivers the same message. The blog emphasizes the strength and expertise of the company. It is optimized for SEO to increase traffic to the site and improve page ranking on search engine results.

Most users won’t immediately understand the services that company offers for Philanthropic crowdfunding but the blog demonstrates the company’s knowledge and expertise which is very important to generate leads and conversions. The blog easily answers the questions of users on the design and development of a crowdfunding campaign from concept to completion.

The generous use of white space highlights the information that the company wants to share. The images used are carefully chosen to encourage users to closely look at what the company offers to its clients. Highlighting client testimonials is a good strategy because it helps potential clients make informed decisions.



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