Web Design Critique: https://kingkong.com.au/

It is very likely that you have heard about King Kong Sabri Suby because he is very visible online particularly on social media platforms. The attention that Sabri Suby receives is not surprising considering that he was able to build one of Australia’s fastest growing digital agencies. However, how does the King Kong website look like?

At first glance, you will immediately notice that the website has minimalistic design in order to emphasize the most important elements that it wants visitors to know. There are no distractions that will keep the attention of visitors away from the message. Digital agencies prefer to focus on informative content because it is actually the reason why potential clients visit the website. However, some prefer to highlight aesthetics and showcase the abilities they are can offer.

The most important thing for a digital agency’s website is to be fully accessible to mobile users. The message must be clearly delivered to users who prefer to access the website through their mobile gadgets. You will be impressed with how fast the site loads on a mobile device.

The video in the landing page makes all the difference because it clearly delivers valuable insight that decision makers want to know. Call to action allows the digital agency to collect leads which eventually can be turned to conversions.

It is interesting to note that the digital agency has been featured in popular and trustworthy websites like Forbes, Anthill, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, etc. It builds trust among the users that if they choose the digital agency, their decision will be justified.

The idea of web design is to encourage a user to continue on scrolling down the page and discover more information. There is growing appreciation for websites where scrolling is necessary. Actually this technique works best for mobile users because the smaller screen requires a longer scroll. Mobile users can access bite-sized content that will improve their experience.

Scrolling is like visual storytelling where you access information gradually while scrolling a long page full of text. Designing a page across multiple devices can get complicated but scrolling will simplify any differences. However, scrolling will only be fast if the user has high speed internet connection.

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