Web Design Critique: https://kingkong.com.au/

After reading a King Kong advertising review online, it is very likely that you are intrigued and want to access more information from the digital agency’s website. You dig through the landing page to determine whether the digital team is projecting confidence. There is plenty of black and white with plain text to introduce the company to visitors.

Information is very nicely presented like a coffee table book. As you click on the call to action buttons, you will find more information on the digital agency’s strategies to achieve business growth and success. Information is presented to users in the form of videos in order to influence them to stay longer on the site. Videos are fast and convenient and make the visitor more interested. Not only do the videos show the features of the service; it showcases the strategies that can produce the best results for a company.

Call to action communicates what the user can expect if he provides some details like first name and email address. Call to action is very noticeable on the page because the bright green colour contrasts with the black and white colour theme. The font used is also large enough to command attention. The offer of a 2-minute video compels users to take action immediately. Call to action is all over the page to gain leads if not conversions. Call to action triggers email correspondence.

The best parts of the website can be found all the way to the bottom. It highlights the reasons why you should choose the digital agency to be more competitive in the industry. Space has been excellently used to present the important bits of information that the visitor needs to know. There are no bright colours that will distract the user’s attention from the information. Everything has been designed in a clear and concise way to solely focus on information.

The landing page does not inundate the visitor with lots of photography, bold text, and bright colours. It focuses directly on the copy to highlight the reasons why a business will benefit from working with the digital agency. Everything that a visitor wants to know can be accessed on the homepage.

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