Web Design Critique – https://geekstotherescue.com.au/

The website offers computer repairs in Perth for people who become very anxious when their desktop or laptop suddenly stops working. This is particularly true for people who earn their income through the internet. A skilled technician will fix the issues with the computer so that the client can proceed with daily online activities.

First impression

The first thing that will catch the attention is the slider on the landing page. The slider is different from what you typically see in most websites. Instead of simply using an image, the web designer also focused on testimonials from clients in Perth. This idea confirms the trustworthiness of the site. Another good trick is the call to action button on the slider that encourages a user to click to know how Nathan can help him. The attempt of the website to gain confidence seems pretty successful.


Below the slider, a user will find the different services that the site offers. If you will click on the heading, you will find an explanation of the issue that might be affecting the performance of your computer. For example, if you click on removal of virus or malware, you will gain information on how a computer is infected, the symptoms of infection and how the problem can be fixed.

The navigation labels at the top of the page are self-explanatory. Since the navigation bar appears consistently on all the pages, a user will not get lost while exploring the site. Since the navigation bar is prominent, it communicates instantly what the website does upfront.


The great thing with web design is being able to direct people to the information that they are trying to reach. Content is easily accessible and interesting to users. It answers the most frequent questions that users ask when they require a computer issue to be fixed. Since users often have limited attention span, the most important information is presented on the landing page without the need to click on the navigation links. To put it simply, web design is simple, user friendly and very informative. Users can easily visualize the message it conveys.

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