Web Design Critique: https://exeterorthodontics.com/

For most people, the costs of orthodontic treatments deter them from having their teeth fixed. This is the reason why ExeterOrthodontics.com offers the most affordable price possible for braces including a payment plan to help patients. The orthodontist believes that everyone has a right a have a beautiful and straight smile.

While most orthodontists have websites that provide patients with information, it is difficult for a website to be exceptional. At a glance, you will notice that web design did not focus on aesthetics. The web designer chose to provide users with more information about braces and clear aligners. When a user searches for an orthodontic’s website, it is very likely that he has already decided on an orthodontic treatment and wants his decision to be justified.

Educational content makes the website one of the best because patients trust information more than colour themes and fonts. The website also makes it easy for a user to click on “request an appointment” or “contact us” because it is highlighted.

The video and images on the homepage helps visitors develop a deeper understanding of the orthodontic practice. The homepage is carefully laid out so that the information provided will stand out. Even if the visitor does not click on the other pages for additional information, all that he needs is right there on the homepage.

The comparison between braces and clear aligners is very interesting particularly since the cost of each procedure is clearly indicated. The cost of orthodontic treatment is very important for most users particularly since it is the major factor that affects decision.

Information is organized well so that there won’t be any distractions to the visitor. Generous use of white colour makes information easy to read and understand. Live chat is also available to those that need help.

Meet our doctors is very important because it introduces patients to the practice. It tells visitors about the education and experience of the orthodontists including their awards in helping people achieve a beautiful smile. It can easily encourage users to secure an appointment with the orthodontist because from the information provided, they are prepared to trust the orthodontist.


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