Web Design Critique: https://affordabledentalsolutions.com/

It is very likely that you arrived at AffordableDentalSolutions.com through search engine results. The website does not include aesthetically beautiful art but the message it is sending to viewers is clear and easy to understand. Scroll down so that you can read more information about its services, success stories, locations and patient commitment.

Right now, the first thing you will notice is the COVID-19 update that is in accordance with the Department of Health directive. The situation is temporary and everything will return to normalcy as soon as the spread of corona virus is controlled.

The next thing that will catch your attention in the landing page is the slider that displays the image of Lauren. Viewers are encouraged to read Lauren’s story and patient reviews. Sliders are usually incorporated in websites but they are more common in professional sites that want to enhance trust.

At the bottom of slider the viewer will find the prices of dental implants, dentures and extractions. Price can easily catch attention particularly if it is affordable. Viewers are encouraged to click on Read More to learn additional information.

The lead generation form is conveniently located and requires little information from a visitor. The form also matches the website’s aesthetics and doesn’t distract the viewer from the rest of the information provided. The form is clear and short and can be completed in no time at all.

After a brief explanation of dentistry services, the viewer’s attention will be directed to Free Consultation which is differentiated from the rest by a change in colour. A video provides an insight on how dentists provide treatment to patients.

Videos keep visitors longer in the site so that they can engage with content. It is a great way to tell a story and gain the trust of viewers. It showcases the services provided within a small amount of time.

Success stories from previous patients are very interesting because it gives hope to patients with dental problems. They are like reviews that strongly influence users to take advantage of the service by sharing their own personal experiences. They are honest in demonstrating the benefits that patients can gain from the dental practice.



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