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Web Design Critique: http://www.illustratedmaps.com/

First impression

The first thing that will catch your attention is the animated map illustration at the top of the homepage. This is very apt considering that the website is offering something that is very artistic and creative. It is also easy to notice that the overload of information does not discourage a user to continue on browsing the site. Content is divided into bite-size chunks that are easy to read and understand.

The web designer also used a trick that when you hover over an image, it immediately changes into a larger size to view the image better without needing to click on the mouse. The images used are absolutely fabulous and can easily captivate your attention. The colors used are not so vivid so that it does not hurt the eyes; however, it allows you appreciate even the smallest details.

The animated airplane and sky diver explains how the illustrated maps are captured from above. Although the text explains how the illustrated maps are created, the image makes the task more exciting.


Navigation is simple and user friendly. The words used are common and can easily be understood by users. The horizontal navigation menu is consistent throughout the pages so that you will always know where you are. If you will click on “services”, you will arrive at a page that thoroughly explains that different types of map illustrations including an FAQ section on the design process. When you click on “portfolio”, you will be able to view larger and more detailed map illustrations of various areas.


As stated earlier, there is an overload of information but designed in a pleasing way. The images chosen speak for themselves and animation does not steal the show. The generous use of white background makes everything look organized without the usual clutter created when there are lots of images and text. However, on issue with text is the size which is quite difficult to read for someone whose eyesight is challenged. Nevertheless, the web designer has certainly made up for the small sized text by providing lots of images that convey more than what words can do.


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