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Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals

The website that’s being reviewed is a website that specializes in funerals, Greenfield Funerals. We will take a detailed and through look at the website’s elements, its design scheme, and its overall look and feel.

  • The website will be viewed by people who have either lost their loved ones, or are in the process of it. So using bright happy colours will only make the clients unhappy as they will be annoyed by the lack of empathy that the website shows. However, the website for funeral directors in Perth uses a dull green header area, and a black background, making it comfortable for people who might be feeling sad.
  • Next we can see that there are a few interesting elements in the webpage. There is a slideshow in the centre of the page that shifts between shades of autumn and imbues a sombre feel to the page, with ties in with its design aesthetic of being empathetic to the viewers who may be in that dull and sombre zone.
  • Under the main header of the page, there are a few links leading to the most important parts of the site such as the about us section, which details information regarding these funeral directors in Perth and provides specific contact information and addresses. This section also gives a brief overview of the services offered by this website.
  • Information regarding the company, caskets, and choice of cremation r burial is provided on the homepage so the content organization of this website is managed rather well.
  • The best part about this website is the set of links at the top of the page which are arranged in the order of most important to least important. There is not much need for a store for funeral websites and so it has correspondingly been relegated to the latter part of the list of links.
  • On the bottom of the homepage all the contact information required to contact this funerals agency can be found. This is the most important use of this website and it is commendable that it has been placed together to avoid any time wasted in searching for the information.

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