Web Design Critique: Family Funeral Services

Brevity is the soul of wit, as they say, but there’s a difference between being laconic and being lacking. A lesson Family Funeral Services, one of the many funeral companies in Sydney, should learn.

First thing that’ll greet any visitor to the site is the beautiful logo; the company’s name in exquisite typeface, with a flying dove outline on the first few letters. As one would expect from most header logos, it’s also a link that leads to the home page. Accompanying it are links to the company’s Facebook page, as well as the contact number.

All the navigational tabs expected of a header is present here, with links to Home page, About Us page, Contact Us, and the like. However, this particular header doesn’t stick to the top of the browser, meaning that, to access its navigational tools, visitors to the site actually need to scroll all the way back up. On top of that, there’s no link to the top at the bottom of every page, so this lack of a key navigational tool is a bit glaring.

As for the design, it’s a straightforward enough layout, sporting a white background, with some images. That being said, there’s only two images used as headers,  and there aren’t any images used for the pages, except for the Blog page, which use images to introduce a blog post, showing how the site actually knows how to use visual media for its needs.

The content of the site is informative, and useful, does good work getting the company’s message across. Like the other funeral companies in Sydney, it manages to assure people that they can handle the job of ensuring the duly departed are well-cared for.

It’s rather bleak and lacking, though. There are no images to help sell the message that the text is trying to get across. It’s just lots of text over a plain white background, with no images to help break the monotony, other than the header image. As a result, it feels calming, but lifeless.

If there’s something that the Family Funeral Services needs, it’s vibrancy, and a bit more flexibility. The times have changed, and simple, text-only websites are no longer viable.

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